Direct Mail

Design, print, stuff, address, stamp, mail!

Direct mail can be a very effective way to reach your customers and prospects. The onslaught of email and internet  marketing has actually INCREASED the attention-getting ability of a direct mail piece in mailboxes! And, we can help you every step of the way - we can also allow you to save costs by completing some of the tasks yourself, if you choose.

Bulk Mail
Bulk mail rates can save you sometimes as much as 50% on postage costs. The Marketing Shop allows you to use our bulk mail permit if you do not have your own.

Saving You Money
To save cost, we can perform only those tasks necessary to get your direct mail piece into customers and prospects hands. For example, we can design and print, and allow you to do things like tab, label, stamp and deliver to the post office.

Targeted Direct Mail Lists
The Marketing Shop can help you assemble a targeted, effective list of customers and/or prospects. Lists can come from many sources such as a chambers of commerce, post office carrier routes, direct mail list companies like InfoUSA (of which The Marketing Shop is a broker), or your own database of contacts.

Direct Mail Consulting
The Marketing Shop can help you in “putting it all together”. We can advise you on the best design, content, list, and execution of a direct mail campaign.

Types of Mailings
The Marketing Shop can help you mail all types of things to your customers such as:

  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Letters
  • Packages


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