Want To Wow Your Audience and Rock More Revenues?

As a presenter, coach, or course creator, you have the ideas, but do you have the time to fiddle with PowerPoint presentations, workshop handouts, course materials, charts, and infographics? Do you create amazing content outlines, but then never get to the material creation point because you can’t get them to look really good, or simply don’t have the time to do it?

If you can get your presentation materials created more quickly, that means more time for you to be doing what you do best – coaching, educating, counseling, teaching. And that means…making more money!


Picture This…

You are teaching a workshop in two weeks. You have created some killer content, have some great new statistics you found recently, refined the steps in the program you are presenting, but your PowerPoint is nowhere near done – it’s just a bunch of text and bullets, it looks flat, the charts are terrible, and it does not feel on brand. And, oh, you also need a handout and a workbook! 

Feel any stress? I’ll bet you do! This is where The Marketing Shop can swoop in to help. Let us tell you more…


Creating Spectacular PowerPoint Presentations

When a PowerPoint presentation is the core feature of a speaking engagement, it is crucial it be effective, engaging, and on brand. We can work with any level of PowerPoint creation:

•    Creating presentations from “scratch” – taking a simple content outline and turning it into branded slides
•    Working from an existing slide deck that needs some love and polishing it up
•    Creating branded slide decks that can be populated by us or the user
•    Creating ongoing, new presentations based on branded slide decks


How many times have you conducted a presentation and afterwards thought that you had amazing content, but your slides could have looked better or been more on brand? We can help!


Adding The Bling!

Any presentation is better when it incorporates a variety of elements. We can help jazz up slides by creating and adding:

•    Chart and Graphics
•    Infographics
•    Animation and Motion
•    Transitions
•    Adding Video


And What About Those Neglected Handouts?

Have you ever had an upcoming presentation, and forgot you needed a handout or booklet and are scrambling at the last minute to create one? Have you ever resorted to printing out your slides as your handout (yikes!)? Here’s some reasons to not neglect your handouts, and why they can be valuable tools:

•    Handouts and workbooks can be used strategically to engage an audience
•    Handouts can be a tool to promote future workshops for those presenters and coaches that have multiple offerings
•    For online courses, workshops, consulting and seminars, making your handouts online and fillable can be an added takeaway for participants


It is important for your handouts to be on brand and be a supplement to the material being presented, not just a summary or outline. And they need to look good!


Spicing Up Your Room or Expo Booth

If you are teaching or presenting in person, it’s always nice to spruce up the room with some branded materials. Even though you might not be presenting “in your house”, you can have some items on display to show off your brand. Consider:

•    A tablecloth or two with your logo
•    Large, floor retractable banners to the right and/or left of the screen or at the entry door
•    Branded pens for participants to write in your beautifully-designed workbook or handout!


Have an expo table? Make sure your expo table is neat, organized and on brand. Items to consider:

•    A tablecloth or table runner with your logo
•    A large, floor or tabletop retractable banner 
•    Strategic handout materials that have been created specifically for the event attendees
•    Lots of really cool business cards! Do something different  - foil, thick cards, special shapes – anything to stand out among the hundreds of other cards at the expo.


Access to Other Resources for Presenters

Do you need help in other areas? The Marketing Shop has a network of resources that can help presenters in areas other than design and printing:

•    Presentation coaches
•    Course creation specialists
•    An accent reduction speech coach
•    Therapist to deal with the stress? Yep, we’ve got a referral for that, too!

Free Tools 

Please visit our Free Tools for Presenters and Coaches page for tools we have developed specifically for you!


Want To Learn More

If you would like to learn more about what we do or how we can help, please email us at [email protected] or call at (248) 330-8787.