Graphic Design

Here at The Marketing Shop, we are proud to house a team of skilled and experienced graphic designers who excel in their craft. Our office layout cultivates a sense of teamwork and inventive thinking. Computer screens are strategically positioned to foster the exchange of ideas. Throughout the day, our designers immerse themselves in a dynamic atmosphere that radiates energy and sparks innovation. This cooperative approach ensures that our clients reap the rewards of our entire design team's collective expertise, rather than relying on a single individual.

In addition to our exceptional design team, we provide access to a range of valuable resources. This includes a comprehensive stock photo subscription, an extensive library of fonts, and state-of-the-art graphic design software.


We are experts in the realm of print services, offering a wide range of capabilities to meet your needs. If it can be printed on, we possess the knowledge and determination to make it happen. Whether you require simple letterhead and envelopes or more specialized print materials, we have you covered. 

We are equipped to print a broad range of items such as:

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Letterhead and envelopes
  • Stickers and labels
  • Folders, binders, menu covers
  • Posters
  • Reports and guidebooks
  • Forms and pads
  • Product packaging
Presentation Materials

We help entrepreneurs nationwide bring their presentations to life with cohesive, branded materials such as:
• PowerPoint slide and master slide design
• Ongoing PowerPoint creation for presenters teaching workshops
• Training materials such as handouts, sales flyers, booklets, and assessments
• Expo booth materials such as retractable floor banners, tablecloths, print materials, and giveaways
• Referrals to speaker training and coaches

Souvenir and Promotional Product Artwork Creation

We can design files for all kinds of material to include enamel fill, embroidery, glass, ceramic, engraving, silkscreen, pad print, pewter, vinyl, press print, cork, leather, and more.

Why Outsource Your Graphics Work to Us?
• Flexibility - Use us only when you need us
• Quick Turnaround - We can help get projects out of the design phase and into production quickly
• Creativity & Quality - Our designers love what they do and can infuse new, creative ideas into your      merchandise
• Experience - With 35 years in the industry, we have designed thousands of pieces of artwork!

Logo Merchandise & Apparel

Amplify your brand presence with personalized logo merchandise and apparel! 
• Showcase your organization with merchandise such as hats, shirts, trinkets, and business items
• Options for various budgets and order quantities
• Thousands of unique merchandise items available
• View our sampler catalog by clicking here
• Explore apparel options at or

Direct Mail

From design to delivery, we provide comprehensive support for direct mail campaigns such as postcards, newsletters, letters, and packages. We provide assistance throughout the entire design process from design to delivery.  

In today's digital age, direct mail has proven to be an incredibly effective method for reaching customers and prospects. The saturation of email and online marketing has heightened the attention-grabbing potential of physical mail pieces.

  • Cost Savings - If you wish to optimize cost-efficiency, we offer flexible options that allow you to take on certain tasks yourself 
  • Bulk Mail Services - By utilizing bulk mail rates, you can enjoy substantial savings on postage costs 
  • Direct Mail Lists - We have access to purchase targeted and specialty direct mail lists
Digital Marketing

Empower your business with our digital strategies for customer engagement and results.

  • Social Media - Eye-catching, brand-aligned content and imagery tailored to your business 
  • Email Marketing Services - Custom email templates and planning, scheduling, and targeting 
  • Animation - Make your brand memorable with dynamic animations of your logo 
  • Website Development - Website developer matching program matches clients with best web developer for specific needs
Branding & Logo Design

A brand represents your business’s unique identity, culture, and value. One of the primary aspects of a successful brand is a recognizable logo that stands out amidst the competition.

The high-quality graphic design services we provide at The Marketing Shop enhance the image and messaging of your brand. Through collaboration we will create a distinct, professional visual identity for your business that captures the attention of clients and customers. We have created a special division of our company that specializes in branding, Stillwater Branding & Design (

Through marketing strategy, inventive design, and a collaborative experience, we move brands forward!


Selecting the right marketing materials is crucial for creating successful and memorable events. We specialize in custom event branding for a wide range of occasions, from corporate gatherings to charity fundraisers.

What Print Materials Does An Event Need?

  • Event logos
  • Flyers and posters
  • Registration and sponsor forms
  • Direct mail materials
  • Tee signs, sponsor signs, banners
  • Trophies and awards
  • Giveaways
  • Customized apparel
  • Program booklets
  • Display materials
Certified StoryBrand Content Writing

We’ve recently partnered with Christy Pessemier, a Certified StoryBrand Copywriter. Christy helps business owners who don’t have a clear message, are struggling to engage their audience, and need to increase sales. Her background is in journalism, with 20+ years of experience in writing, thousands of articles published, and a first place award from the Washington Press Association. Christy uses her education along with the proven StoryBrand framework to help businesses transform their marketing content, and get more repeat clients.